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Love Poem #6: I Thought I Knew What Love Was

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I thought I knew what love was
But I guess love proved me wrong

It’s not just about smiles and cheers
But more about ones sorrows and fears

It’s not about always being together
But about being together when you’re apart

Not about taking what you can get
But about sharing what you can give

It’s about being strong for each other
Despite of being so afraid inside

It’s about braving all the storms
Because you know you’re love will survive

It’s about being united as one
And still undivided as two

It’s about knowing when to let go
When time comes that you have to

It’s about accepting who you both are
But being better because you’re together

It’s not just about opening your heart
But more about a melding of souls

And such they say is love
With all its wondrous roles

Love Poem #5: Happiness

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Happiness is when you see a new dawn breaking
It’s when you see a myriad of colors telling you
That the day ahead is going to be beautiful

Happiness is when you see children playing
It’s when you remember all the things you did as a child
That simply running around and yelling was such great joy

Happiness is when you see a mother reading a bedtime story
It’s when you think of the fantasies you had and still have
That someday your prince will come to sweep you off your feet

Happiness is when you a sad person and you give him a smile
It’s when you know that you’ve just brightened someone’s day
That by just caring you gave someone a dash of hope

Happiness is when you see two lovers walking hand in hand
It’s when you feel you made someone’s life worth living
That by sharing your life, you gave someone a piece of heaven here on earth

Happiness if when you finally see your Maker
It’s when you can tell Him that you’ve truly lived
That you gave it your best and you didn’t just pass by…

Love Advice #2: Saying "thank you" to someone you love

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Ever noticed how come it’s so easy for us to say thank you to total strangers but we tend to forget to say it to people we love? Thank you, a simple expression of gratitude. My theory on this is that, when it comes to total strangers, saying thank you is more of a courtesy. It is only polite to say thank you since we were taught to say thank you since we were kids. But how come it’s so much more difficult to say thank you to people who matter to us? It’s like the more we love the person, the harder it is to say. Why is that? Is it because we tend to take it for granted that they already know that we’re grateful? But here’s my love advice, it would be so much sweeter and so much more meaningful if we just say it upfront to the people we love.

I’m probably like some of you who’ll get to read this. I have the same problem myself. I’d like to say that I’m a work in progress when it comes to saying thank you. Realization and positive action is half the battle. Think about all the things that you’ve forgotten to say thank you for…like, for the wonderful meals your mom makes for you. For the car that you’re dad loaned you when you needed it for a date. For the advice you’re brother gave you on how to court that special girl. For your sister, who let you wear her new dress since you wanted to catch a cute guys’ eye. For your younger siblings, the ones you tend to bully by asking them to do things for you. For your boyfriend who is ever patient in fetching you from work. To your girlfriend who is there to support you when you think no one can understand. You could think of creative ways on expressing your gratitude through taking care of your love ones for a change or if its for your special someone you could look for love poems to add to your notes and card.

Think about all the usual things you do in a day. You’d be amazed at how many things there are for you to be thankful for. Take a chance, say thank you to your love ones. You might be surprised on how good it feels to show and say your gratitude. I’m more than 100% sure that they would love you all the more for showing it. It’s never too late to say thank you to the people you love.

Love Poem #4: I Love You Enough

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Enough to kiss your tears away when things are down and low
Enough to stand strong by you when fate deals a crushing blow

Enough to share your simple joys, your triumphs and laughter
Enough to believe in love stories again and happy ever after

Enough to take your hand in mine and walk with you thru life
Enough to proudly take your name and be your wedded wife

Enough to take a chance and choose to build a life together
Enough to overcome my greatest fears and be with you forever

Enough to grow old with you as our time slowly passes by
Enough to let you go when time comes to say goodbye

I love you enough and more so I hope you know by now
My baby, my love, I’ll love you and that’s my eternal vow

Love Advice #1: Taking care of the one you love

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I’m sure all of us love being pampered and being taken cared of but you know there’s something I actually missed doing. So here is my love advice. Some people would find it puzzling but to me, I actually missed taking care of someone. There was a time that I actually missed buying little presents to give to someone special or even planning a surprise for a special occasion. Every time I’d pass by a clothes store, I’d look in, then I’d see something that would have looked good for my partner but then I’d remember that I don’t have any partner to give it to.

Then I hear about some couples who’ve forgotten to take the time to do something nice for their loved one and I just have the strong urge to ask them how come they’re taking things for granted? It’s not everyday that you have someone special to share things with. Not everybody is that lucky to have found that special someone.

I know this now. You have to experience losing a loved one to fully appreciate the feeling of having found someone special to love. But why wait to get hurt? Why wait to lose that love? Why not look at what you have and see? Maybe it’s about time that you learn to appreciate the blessing that was given to you. Maybe you’ve forgotten how wonderful it is to make someone happy. Trust me, it’s the simple things and the things that we tend to take for granted that really leave an impact. I should know, I’ve experienced the loss and that’s why I’ve learned to appreciate every moment of making my love one smile. The grand gestures are always nice but for me, there’s nothing like the everyday things that remind you that there’s someone out there who loves you enough to care. For me, it’s the good morning greetings and the “take care” that never fails to make me smile. It’s the “have you eaten yet?” or the simple snack that your love one brings when he or she knows you’re working late. It’s when you pass by a store and you see his or her favorite chocolate and you buy it simply because seeing it reminded you of her. It’s the little every day things that make it all the more special.

Think it over. You might be surprised to realize that you’re one of those who’ve forgotten what it’s like to appreciate the joy of taking care of someone you love. Try my love advice and I hope it works for you.

Love Poem #3: If Love

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If love were the sky
It would be clear and blue
With the sun slowly creeping up
To grace the day with its sun shiny warmth

If love were the sea
It would be the waves flowing
Ceaselessly on the white sand of the shore
Washing away the past to herald the future

If love were the mountains
It would stand proud and strong
Amidst the peril of the unknown seasons
Ever enduring, surviving the challenges of nature

If love was having you
It would be happiness beyond measure
That comes once in every lifetime
To bring hope, peace and joys of sharing

Love Poem #2: For all the times

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For all the times you’ve stood by me when tough times come my way
For all the times you’ve been my anchor amidst the swells and sways
For all the times you’ve wiped my tears when the pain was too much to bear
For all the times you’ve made me laugh when I couldn’t even care
For all the times you’ve taught me to see the brighter side of life
For all the times you’ve kept the faith despite of all these strife
For all the times you’ve understood when I didn’t even know how
For all the times you’ve been patient when I couldn’t appreciate the now
For all the times you’ve cared for me without ever expecting anything in return
For all the times you’re selfless love continued the flame to burn
For all the times you’ve loved me in the very best way you can
I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you for being the greatest man
I’ve never met someone who suites me in every way that you do
And it’s because of all these and more that I’ve deeply fallen for you